Slideshow videos are all the rage on social media. These  videos were featured on the client's website as part of their marketing package.

Work samples from my employment as a digital content producer.

ABB Environmental Services

Includes voice-over.

In addition to choosing appropriate stock photos for this company, I also wrote the video script showcasing their services and location. I used iMovie to compile the final video of photos, voice and music. The result is a groovy slideshow video that appears on the client's website.

Ferguson's Furniture

Includes voice-over.

From start to finish, I chose and created every aspect of this video from stock photos to music. I wrote the video script from content the client provided.

Indian Lakes

Client provided all photos.

Indian Lakes is a recreational RV park and camp ground in Arkansas. Of course, they wanted to highlight their beautiful property to entice vacationers to visit. I chose appropriate music for their business. The client provided the photos and logo. No voice-over.

River City Rentals

No voice-over.

As part of their website package, this client also received a slideshow video. I chose appropriate music, and compiled the client's photos and logo into this vibrant social marketing video. The owners wanted to receive customer calls to become the go-to source for RV rentals in the state. 

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