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Ashan R.

Bankable Writing Skills Training

workplace writing skills training
  • We help you improve your writing, speaking, and overall communication skills to increase your income, your academic success, and business & employment opportunities.

  • No waiting. Classes and all course materials are available now, 24/7. Learn at your own pace.

  • Receive a certificate of completionLifetime access to most courses for individual learners.

grammar books and proofreading books

  • Our books and classes are designed to complement each other to help you quickly improve your grammar and writing skills.

  • Practice proofreading & copyediting with our original workbooks.

proofreading online certification course
  • Whether for passion, profit or personal enrichment, learn the skills you absolutely need to become an effective proofreader.

  • Affordable proofreading resources for every budget:

    • Online proofreading classes​

    • Proofreading books

    • Proofreading workbooks

online publishing courses
  • If you're an aspiring author and looking for a hassle-free way to self publish your book, our self-publishing classes are just what you need.

  • We provide online courses that will teach you how to tell your story properly and give you the knowledge required to produce a high-quality book that readers will love.


merch and shirts for writers
  • Find your favorites!

  • We offer apparel for every style & personality.

  • We celebrate English teachers, students & writers of all ages.

After years of serving students and professionals as a college English instructor, Ashan R. Hampton established a specific business container for her online classes and books called Bankable Writing Skills Training as a branch of her company, Onyx Online Education, LLC. Since she knows firsthand the importance of writing skills in the workplace and the classroom, Professor Hampton researched, designed and produced a broad range of online classes covering grammar, business writing, proofreading, grant writing, and digital media for personal and professional success. Given the extent of her distinguished academic career and professional work experience, students can rest assured that they are receiving the best instruction from a proven subject matter expert.



As of September 2022, Onyx Online Education, LLC has been recognized by the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC) as an official ByBlack Certified Business!


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