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Slideshow videos are all the rage on social media. These  videos were featured on the client's website as part of their marketing package.

Work samples from my employment as a digital content producer.

Digital Marketing Videos 

ABB Environmental Services

ABB Environmental Services

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River City Rentals
First Call Garage Door
Tanners Roofing
Jones Glass
Hanke Brothers
Conway Cycle Shop

In addition to my work as a web designer and SEO specialist, I also created slideshow videos for the customer's website. Sometimes I recorded voice overs (e.g., ABB Environmental Services), but I mostly created videos in iMovie set to music.

The customers provided their logo and a few photos of their businesses. I often supplemented with stock photos and chose the music. For First Call Garage Door, I also created the logo.

As of 2023, the manager who hired me is still there, in case you want to verify my work experience. :)

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