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grammar essentials book 2.jpg

Grammar Essentials

Learn the grammar and usage topics you need to quickly improve your writing skills for personal and business success. 

student grammar book 2.jpg

Student Success

Before students can write successful classroom assignments, they must know grammar.

proofreading power book 2.jpg

Proofreading Power

Can you catch mistakes in your own writing? Would you like to become an effective proofreader for personal growth or profit?

adult learner grammar book

Adult Learner

Have you been out of the classroom for a while? Learn to effectively correct common grammar errors.

urban grammar book 2.jpg

Urban Grammar

 Worser or worse? Learn commonly misused or misspelled words and how to correct them.

proofreading sidehustle book 2.jpg

Your Side-Hustle

Proofreading is a highly marketable skill that makes for a great side-hustle or second income, especially for teachers. 

APA Essentials book 2.jpg

APA Format

Learn by example reference citations for APA 7th edition with some comparisons to 6th.

everyday vocabulary book 2.jpg


Do you know what you want to say, but just can’t find the words? Words in. Words out. 

creative business writing book 2.jpg

Business Writing

Use expository writing techniques to create detailed business writing.

proofreading and grammar workbook 2.jpg

Proofreading Drills

Are you good at proofreading? Test your skills! For the intermediate to advanced, not beginners.

student success essay writing book 2.jpg

Essay Writing

What are expository essays? How do I get started? Learn the most common essays taught in high school & college.

grant writing essentials 2.jpg

Grant Writing

Are you a first-time grant writer? Learn the fundamentals of the proposal writing process with full-color tables and graphics.

copyediting 101 book

Copyediting 101

Are you interested in copyediting? Is it like proofreading? What do copyeditors do? 

graduate writing tips 2.jpg

Graduate Writing

Prepare yourself for the rigors of graduate school writing. Also, take the online class to complement this book.

proofreading home business book 2.jpg

Proofreading Biz

Do you want to start a freelance proofreading business from home? Same as "Side-Hustle". Different cover.

living single book 2.png

MCW Living

Do you want to read the Bible, but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for fresh Bible study materials?

prayer_confessions 2.png

Everyday Prayers  

Have you ever been so wounded, so confused, so pressured by life’s difficulties you were left speechless? 

prayer confessions for teens 2.png

Teen Prayers

Words have power. God’s word spoken in faith brings peace to your soul and positive changes in your life.

still single book 2.png

Still Single

Your 40th birthday has long passed and you are still single. What happened? Life happened. 

girl please book 2.png

Girl Please

Women learn that letting go of unsuitable men is not about abandoning their desires for love, but about self-love.

prayers and confessions for modern chris

MCW Prayers

This book of prayers combines Bible scriptures, affirmations, and words of praise to increase your faith during these trying times.

before dating book 2.png

Before Dating

Christian, single ladies. How long has it been since you've been on a date? Before you crank up your social life, get some good advice.

black girl dating rules 2.png

Dating Rules

Dating can be fun and exciting, especially when it leads to new romance. Similar to "Girl Please," but on Amazon & Kindle.

everyday victory prayer journal 2.png

Prayer Journal

Spiral bound, 200 lined pages printed with prayer themes and bible scriptures based on the MCW prayer book.

some bitter book 2.png

Some Bitter

You are truly single. You are celibate and desire to grow closer to God. Now what?

soul thoughts poetry book 2.png

Soul Thoughts

In poetry & essays, Ashan reveals the most thoughtful, humorous aspects of her personable writing style.

christian bible study for black women 2.

Bible Study

Are you feeling the pull to grow in your relationship with God, but wondering what to do about your relationship in the process?

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