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"Spunt" is not a word!

Updated: Feb 7

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“Spunt” vs. Spent

Real-World Example of Spunt:

Urban male: "You know they say spunt is a word. Female Co-worker: "What?" Urban male: "Yeah, you know like, I done spunt all my money out my check."

Corrections for Spunt:

  • I spent all of my money out of my check. I spent all of my money on groceries.


Not long ago, I briefly worked at a call center between teaching jobs where I overheard a conversation between two young people in their early twenties. The guy said spunt was an actual word in the urban dictionary online. After strongly admonishing him to ignore that stuff, I pondered ways to help others improve their language skills, and one year later, Urban Grammar was born.

Remember, spunt is not the past tense of the verb spend!


  • spend (present tense)

  • spent (past tense)

More Examples for Spunt

  • How will you spend your paycheck?

  • I already spunt it on rent. -- Incorrect

  • I already spent it on rent. -- Correct


Read more examples of real life urban grammar and corrections in the print book, Urban Grammar Quick Fixes: What You Should Say and Why

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