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Grammar Essentials Jumpstart Online Course

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Grammar Essentials Jumpstart Online Course

Good writing starts with good grammar! Unfortunately, grammar is not taught very much in public schools or colleges, and not at all in the workplace. But, you are expected to write a variety of documents from emails to research reports.

How do you get the grammar instruction you need to improve your writing skills? “Grammar Essentials Jump-Start” is for professional employees, leaders, students or aspiring business owners who know the value of good writing skills for professional and personal advancement.

As a result of taking this class, you will:

Identify and correct common grammar errors. Increase your grammar skills.

Write more sophisticated sentences.

Write faster and more clearly.

Learn from a dynamic college English instructor with over 20 years’ experience who has recently published six books on grammar and proofreading, and actively freelances as a writer and editor.

Grammar Essentials Jumpstart Online Class

Click here to learn more about the online class "Grammar Essentials Jumpstart".

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