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Everyday Vocabulary Builders Book

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Evaryday Vocabulary Builders Book by Ashan R. Hampton

Do you know what you want to say, but just can’t find the words? When you start to write, do you struggle to get words on paper? Words in. Words out. To speak and write effectively, you must learn more words. At work, school or in everyday life, you must write something—an email, a report or a note on the bathroom stall. Expanding your vocabulary helps words to flow easily from your mind to a blank page, and improves your overall communication skills.

“Everyday Vocabulary Builders” features words that are commonly found in business writing, academic books, and standardized tests, such as the TABE and GED assessments. After completing twenty-five lessons of ten words each, you will add 250 words to your vocabulary, which increases your ability to express yourself faster and more effectively.

ISBN: 978-035984-868-3

Pages: 132

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