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We offer online writing classes for personal and professional development.

Group Classes

Download our pitch slide deck and group enrollment packet to get started!

"Workplace Grammar & Style" combines the most important fundamentals of
grammar and writing style needed to write error-free sentences.

workplace grammar group class

"Business Grammar
shows you how to correct style and usage concerns. With a combination of grammar, mechanics and usage, you can boost your writing skills.

proofreading powr workshop

“The Proofreading Power Workshop” is a unique online class for business groups, staff
teams and corporations. Learn fundamental proofreading skills with practical, hands-on

proofreading power online workshop

"Grant Writing Essentials" is an excellent beginner’s guide to grant proposals. Learn about the overall grant writing process.

grant writing group class

“Smarty Pants Vocabulary” upgrades your business writing vocabulary with French, Latin, German and
Italian words and phrases.

smarty pants vocabulary builders

“Public Speaking Skills &
offers valuable tips
and techniques on how to
deliver effective speeches
and oral presentations.

public speaking group class

"Beyond Basic Grammar" focuses on the art
of writing complex sentences by using
advanced grammar and style techniques.

beyond basic grammar group class

In Grammar Essentials
,” learn to Identify and correct common grammar errors. You will learn a lot in this affordable introductory class.

grammar jumpstart group class
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