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Education & Training

We offer online writing & communication classes for personal and professional development.

onyx group training classes

All of the information you need to get started with our group training classes is under "Group Enrollment Info" at the bottom of the page.

"Business Grammar
shows you how to correct style and usage concerns. With a combination of grammar, mechanics and usage, you can boost your writing skills.

proofreading powr workshop 2.jpg

“Proofreading Skill Builder Pro” is a unique online class for business groups
teams, and corporations. Learn fundamental proofreading skills with practical, hands-on

proofreading power online workshop 2.jpg

"Grant Writing Essentials" is an excellent beginner’s guide to grant proposals. Learn about the overall grant writing process.

grant writing group class 2.jpg

“Smarty Pants Vocabulary” upgrades your business writing vocabulary with French, Latin, German and
Italian words and phrases.

smarty pants vocabulary builders 2.jpg

“Public Speaking Skills &
offers valuable tips
and techniques on how to
deliver effective speeches
and oral presentations.

public speaking group class 2.jpg

In the workplace, most people are not
comfortable with their grammar or writing
"Workplace Grammar & Style"
focuses on the fundamentals of grammar
and business writing required to produce
error free documents.

workplace grammar and style

In Grammar Essentials
,” learn to Identify and correct common grammar errors. You will learn a lot in this affordable introductory class.

grammar jumpstart group class 2.jpg

"Copyediting Basics 101 PRO" is informational and practical for curious learners & experienced writers or proofreaders looking to upgrade their writing skills.

Copyediting 101 Online Course 2.jpg

"Diversity in Workplace Writing" presents sensitive information in a practical way. Are you writing culturally insensitive emails or social media posts? In all of our communications, we must be respectful and professional. This class shows you how to avoid and edit cultural bias from your writing projects.

Diversity in workplace writing class

Add Some Fun to Your Training Program!

  • If your company does not offer in-house training for writing, grammar, proofreading or public speaking, then our classes are the right option for you! See the landing pages for each class by clicking on the highlighted text link or image above. 


  • Instead of a one-day workshop that interferes with the workday, enroll your group for professional writing courses online.


  • Enrolled participants can access the class from anywhere at any time outside of work hours and physical work location.


  • Eliminate distractions and allow participants to learn at their own pace. No live zoom sessions.


  • No waiting. Classes and all course materials are available now, 24/7.


  • Nothing to download. Classes are completely web-based and self-paced.

  • Getting started is easy and affordable! Review the group enrollment information below which outlines the entire group enrollment process from start to finish.


  • Schedule a call with the director to discuss prices and contracts by phone or video conference. You can also conduct the entire enrollment process through email exhanges.

  • Use the group enrollment information below to get started. Watch the Group Enrollment Process video.

Group Enrollment Info

diversity in workplace writing class

When considering our courses for your organization, please reference the information below, which answers your questions about our course offerings and the group enrollment process.

Current Prices

1-9 participants:                  $97 per person / per class

10 or more participants:    $79 per person / per class

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