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Light Editing


You have a good grasp of grammar, language usage and organization. Your document has a solid structure and does not need major revisions. Since this document is important, you just want to make sure your writing is error free. If this describes your document, the editors will choose the light editing service for you. No rewriting sentences or corrections to APA or MLA format citations. Submit your document below for a price quote.


  • General Grammar​

  • Typographic Errors​

  • Spelling​

  • Punctuation

Heavy Editing

You have trouble finding the right words to express your thoughts or getting your paragraphs in the right order. There are five or more grammatical errors in your writing. You have a lot of good information down, but it isn't quite organized or flowing the way your teacher or employer expects. Well, this will take quite some effort to fix. So, the editors will choose the heavy editing service for you. Submit your document below for a price quote.

  • College Essay Editing

  • M. A. Proposals

  • Thesis Editing

  • Ph.D Proposals

  • Ph. D Dissertations

  • Grant & Business Proposals

  • Book/ Novel Editing

  • Research Paper Editing

  • Praxis Essay Prep

  • Technical Writing

  • Technical Editing

  • Professional Writing Projects

  • Sentence Structure

  • Organization of Content

  • Word Choice

  • Transition & Flow

  • Typographical Errors

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Spelling

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College Students



  • All papers must be set to double-spacing.

  • The editors give price quotes based on double-spacing and quality of writing.

  • Papers more than 10 pages require special consideration and pricing.

  • Papers needing revisions to APA or MLA format are charged the highest price point.

  • STUDENTS: Please copy & paste the original assignment and requirements for your paper as given by your instructor. Please use the "What services do you need?" box.